• BSSFC Male Teams 2021

U6 Boys, U7 Boys, U8 Boys, U9 Boys, U10 Boys, U11 Boys, U12 Boys, U13 Boys, U14 Boys, U15 Boys, U16 Boys, U17 Boys, U18 Boys, U21 Men's, All Age Men's, O35's O45's

  • BSSFC Female Teams 2021

U6/7's, U8/9's, U10/11's, U13's & U15's

Bankstown Sports Stars FC will be accepting online registrations ONLY for all players.

To apply for your Active Kids voucherCLICK HERE. 

In order to register online, CLICK HERE.  This will take you to PLAY FOOTBALL where you can proceed to register:

  1. Login to PLAY FOOTBALL.
  2. Update your details.
  3. Add a registration (with Bankstown Sports Stars FC in your age group).
  4. Pay online with a credit card.
  5. Once registered, BSSFC will contact you via EMAIL or SMS to confirm registration.
  6. Check the BSSFC home page for team allocation dates and time.



Once you have logged in to PLAY FOOTBALL you will be taken to the player home page.

This page will contain information regarding previous registrations and information concerning your current registration.

Check and update contact details (address, mobile, email etc…).

PHOTOS: ALL PLAYERS must ensure they upload a player photo during the registration process. Please ensure the photo resembles a passport photo (ie: head and shoulders only).



A summary screen will appear displaying the registration options you have selected.

Online PAYMENT is the only option to complete your registration and receive a confirmation email.

NOTE: Players will not be Graded if Registration and payment are not completed.



All players for 2021 will be supplied with jersey, shorts, socks.

∗Please note that jerseys must be returned at the end of the season to the team’s coach, or a $50 fee will apply.

Registration & payment does not guarantee a spot on a team for the following reasons:

  • Un-registrable squad due to an insufficient number of players.
  • No coach or manager for a squad.
  • Any other unforeseen BDAFA stipulations




The official date used to determine a refund is either the date the withdrawal form is filed with the club registrar or the date of an email requesting a refund. The amount that a playing member can be refunded their registration fee is based on the date of withdrawal as per the table below:

  1. Full Refund             A club member who cannot be placed in a team
  2. Full Refund    Withdrawal before team allocation
  3. Player Fee less $60 Registration fee Withdrawal after team allocation and before the season commences (1st week of April)
  4. No Refund                         Withdrawal after the season has commenced (1st week of April)